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To Employees

Employees: how to Register for Positions with RANZA

Forms are not designed to complete online.

  • Download information form and retain for your use do not return.
  • Download registration form and complete sign and date declaration.
  • Download experience form complete sign and date declaration

Return your Forms to RANZA Australia Wide

  • Scan or Fax your Forms to RANZA and return with cv/resume if available.
  • Forms must be completed in full regardless of other information attached.
  • A 3 page cv/resume is sufficient, more than a 3 pg. cv is not recommended.

After we receive your completed forms either by email or fax, we will assess your skills and experience and note your answers to our questions i.e. time available, the State you prefer and the types of Farming employment you have selected, we will then match your Information to our Clients requirements and put your profile forward for our Clients consideration.

We do not list our positions, as our Clients require us to be more involved in selecting the employees with the essential skills to be put forward to them for consideration. Unlike other Agencies we do not ask our Employees to apply for positions listed where they may not have a high chance of success.

RANZA has over the years built up a considerable knowledge of our Clients requirements. We are more individual in our selection and we make every effort to place you in the right position.

You are very welcome at any time to phone us and discuss your application.

We are available 24/7 for our Staff.

Please note: Forms are not designed to complete online.

Our Employee Form Downloads:

Clicking on any of the links will automatically begin the form download. Please choose which format you want them in. Thank you.

PLEASE NOTE:- Both the Registration & Experience Forms MUST be completed and returned to us. Thankyou.

Employees how to register for positions with RANZA

 Registration Form March - PDF   ~   Registration Form Sept - MSWord .DOC

Experience Form - PDF   ~    Experience Form - MSWord .DOC

 Info for Employees within Australia & Overseas sept 09 - PDF   ~   Info for Employees within Australia & Overseas sept 09 - MSWord .DOC

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Claiming your superannuation money back.

If you have worked in Australia as a temporary resident you may be eligible to claim your superannuation money. You can do this if:
  • you visited on an eligible temporary visa*
  • your visa has ceased to be in effect (that is, has expired or been cancelled)
  • you have departed Australia**

* A list of eligible temporary resident visas is available from the Australian Taxation Office.

** You may still be able to return to Australia on another visa even if you claim and receive your superannuation money.

This payment is called the Departing Australia Superannuation Payment (DASP).

This payment is not available for Australian permanent residents and citizens or New Zealand citizens (unless you previously visited Australia on an eligible temporary visa – in which case, some of your superannuation may still be payable as a DASP).

Eligibility and procedures for lodging a claim for superannuation benefits are available from the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) website.

Sept. 09

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